Project approach

Although the Waste Disposal Centre Leppe is currently among the most modern waste disposal sites in Europe and is a reference facility for international experts, the perception and the image of the "Leppe" at the local level are rather negative due to the burdens related to the waste disposal activities and the worries about harmful environmental impacts. The objective of the :metabolon project is to redevelop the current Waste Disposal Centre Leppe and turn it into a competence, learning and innovation site for material conversion and location-related environmental technology and techniques. : metabolon is to integrate available skills, further develop them and show them in a new light. At the same time it is to link this economic impetus with new, soft location factors. The necessary restructuring and revitalisation of the landscape at the site is to be combined with future-oriented, economically sustainable elements of use. Simultaneously, a different perception and an image change of the site are to be achieved by letting people understand and experience operational functions and processes [“Transparent Landfill”].


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