Degree courses

Bachelor of Engineering in Regenerative Power and Materials Engineering
This study course deals with the machine and plant engineering for the production of renewable raw materials and their energetic or material use. These processes are in general suitable for the energetic and material use of “waste”. Examples are waste heat utilisation or biogas utilisation and sewage sludge treatment. To effectively design and develop systems for the utilisation of solar and wind energy an integrated approach to technical systems is necessary. At :metabolon solutions for the utilisation of biogas and renewable raw materials at a landfill are investigated and developed.


Fachhochschule Köln (University of Applied Sciences of Cologne)

Bachelor in Automation Engineering
The teaching of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the design, application and programming of automation systems (control systems, process computers, robots) makes up a large part of this degree course. The tasks range from sensor technology via communication technology to the control of complex production plants in process or production engineering. These skills are required at :metabolon to control and optimise the production and recycling processes at the waste disposal site.


FH Köln - Standort Gummersbach (University of Applied Sciences of Cologne, Gummersbach Campus)


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