Bergisch Energy Competence Center

Prepare for the future


Raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce and energy is getting more and more expensive. Emissions need to get reduced. To save and optimize the use of energy, is nowadays one of the most important points for the construction of new buildings, of existing buildings and the energy-focused building refurbishment. Due to the conservation of resources and farsighted purchase decisions for products with quality, sustainability, innovation and social and environmental responsibility, people can contribute to the CO2 saving and become therefore winners in their own environmental balance.
Our motivation to act results from our knowledge, therefore it’s our concern to rise your awareness by diverse information and a neutral and competent consulting.

To determine and achieve the energy efficiency and climate protection targets, it requires new technologies and innovations. The Bergisch Energy Competence Center supports you actively in the development of new solutions and concepts for your "house of the future".

Think and act Clever

To exchange ideas, inform and educate- to get in contact with each other- to get to know new perspectives- techniques and products to touch.
The strength of the Bergisch Energy Competence Center is the merger of important actors from the competence areas: Energy, energy efficiency and climate protection.


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