Little Scientist




An extracurricular place of learning

A place of learning and innovation

Within the :metabolon project a learning landscape has been developed on the site of the former Leppe landfill. There is lots to discover, including active waste disposal plants, techniques for landfill aftercare and new research facilities.

Learning landscape

At a lofty height a “flying classroom”, the “compost garden”, the “recycling axis” and the “green classroom” are available for school classes to broaden educational contents. The authentic, active technology site :metabolon offers a first experience and complements the teaching in school.

Educational contents

The learning stations and the creative offers appeal to a wide range of interests and allow for a modular selection. The learning stations are mainly targeted at pupils aged 9 to 13 of all school types. The pupils spend one morning working on the topics waste prevention, recycling and energy. Why should I separate my waste? How can you produce electricity from waste? These and similar questions are answered in small groups at the different learning stations. Each visit is supplemented by a theme-oriented guided tour across the whole site. In this way theoretical knowledge and practical experience are linked.


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